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3 Blue Monkeys - - Rated based on Reviews "Very disappointed in the wooden monogrammed bangles. The 'monogram' is nothing but a sticker. So tac.
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Keep up the good work! The food was delicious, I have the Drunken Noodles and they came early and the temperature was hot. She was meeting Ginnie after the flowers, to settle on—Ginnie told her; no more excuses—The Crib. Sadie the matronly black Chrysler lolled on the driveway in the shade of mature elms.

The dogs came racing down their run when they saw Anna, as far as ever they could, the sound of their eager scrambling like a handful of pebbles against the white slats of the fence. She smelled a cake baking somewhere in the neighborhood, full of good butter and yellow-hearted eggs and sifted cocoa powder, rising to a gentle swell on the middle rack of a degree oven. For no reason, it made her sad. That there were around her sweet, housewifely women in clean frocks who were not left houses. She felt again like a sham.

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Like I am playing at all this, she thought. Rather well at times, I admit; I am getting better at it. Some days when I get into character, I almost believe in her myself. But still unconvincing overall. Gerald, dutiful man, had taken the buckets of water from the garden shed and left them in the back room of St. Sheaths of red gladioli leaning almost upright in the water in the cool sanctity of the vestry. Each stalk was long, straight, sure. The pithy green stalk resisted a little as it went down onto the sharp points that would hold it upright in the vase.

The gladiolus flowers were opened, sweetly ruffled, two-thirds of the way up the long stem; and the last third, those at the top, still mostly closed in on themselves. A sword sheathed. They would open one by one, always upward, in exact order, when they were ready. A calm unfolding. Not tomorrow or even the next day. She cut another stem on the diagonal, shaking off water, and another and another.

For now they were just right. She placed the tall stalks one by one into the vases, staggering the slightly different lengths so that the tallest glad was in the middle, like flame rising, cool flame, vestal, all its heat mysteriously burned into something chaste, lithe, free of pain.

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Glad red. Vermilion, made from Spanish cinnabar ground to a fine powder, more costly than saffron.

She carried the heavy vases one at a time carefully with both hands into the church. The stained glass windows were empty of light at that hour of day, the colors muddy. The sun had gone around the corner of the building half an hour since.

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The red of the gladioli burned into the hushed air, the hymns and sacred anthems suspended in it as particles in liquid, the vast world dissolved into a momentary abeyance and held there just beyond seeing. The gold-ribbed arches of the great cathedrals whose windows were drenchings of jewels, the ancient god-trodden stones of that other land.

And of the ordinary motions, small and precise, that continued accumulating in the face of it, as if in perfect oblivion. The seconds of a second-hand, in which the moment was nothing. That is what is, she thought. This life for that other. She walked with stately dignity, the firm high-headed progress of a queen, across the empty church to the little side door into the vestry, to collect her things. She was late to meet Ginnie. At the door she turned back slightly, the bulk of her hard to shift even a degree or two; let herself see the jubilant red, singing in the dimness; and went out into the ordinary afternoon to buy a baby crib.

What was the point of it now? What was it to do with her, this unanswerable light?

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On the third day at the hotel, she woke with rosy-fingered dawn. She felt herself again, she decided, sending out cautious feelers to test the veracity of her recovery. Sitting in the light hotel, feeling well again, she fit together the disordered pieces like one of the rich Byzantine glass mosaics, and among the squares was the dear square of his remembered face, green-burnished bronze, olive dusted with gold like a Byzantine saint. Later, armed with guidebook and water bottle, with a little smudge of Yellow Ochre on her nose she never knew was there, she went out into the morning and was immediately disarmed.

Being in it, of it. The wind was still blowing off and on, but it blew life into things, she remembered the ancient Greeks believed there were under-ground winds too, said to cause earthquakes.

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It urged her deeper into the heart of things. She walked from one end of the harbor to the other, slow as could be, taking notes on colors to overlay her quick sketches—the beginnings of her color diary. It was earthy, delicious, after all the recuperative but ultimately unsatisfying tea, sketa —pure black, black as her unrepentant heathen heart.

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  • And another. With all the sediment in the cup, they were so small! Such a marvelous thing, coffee. Of course her children, the Changelings, had been decaffeinating themselves for years. Or for those who preferred it, catacombs and caves. She must first see the hill with the goddess of Liberty, Eleftheria, and the grave of their great revolutionary hero Eleftherios Venizelos, then go on up into the peninsula proper to visit the monasteries.

    You must tell him I send you to him to look after, no? You can buy beautiful embroideries for yourself at the convent there. Go for the day only or stay over—there is much for you to draw. He called out to a swarthy man eating with another two tables from her. How should this good lady who is an artist see the handsome faces of your monasteries? She remembered the peninsula involving hikes into steep gullies; she had dismissed it out of hand. John the Hermit. But before that was the Bear Cave dedicated to Artemis in the shape of a bear , and outside it, the ruins of the old Panagia tis Arkoudias monastery from the 16 th century, the monastery of the bear-fighting Virgin Mary, which Anna, following the back-and-forth discussion, loved the thought of—soundly unEpiscopalian.

    To where the woman archaeologist from Smith College had uncovered another ancient city on a rise, employing the whole village as workmen. Nikos himself at six had solemnly in both arms like the altar boy entrusted with the flame carried a great bucket of earth across the broken Minoan pavement to his uncles, sieving. Anna tended to agree. She sat on happily, talking with the men, watching the bright life of the harbor. Content to go nowhere in particular. She felt guilty that she was avoiding returning to the house; but her heart—her very being—shrank at the thought of cleaning it out, the magnitude of the task.

    Worse than the Augean Stables! No Hercules to take it on—though she could probably run an ad in the paper asking for one; it would be amusing to see what offers she got. But even if clean, it was in any case so dismal and dark, so cramped, so little what she wanted—no studio, no room to breathe, none of the life and color to be found out here on the water. What was she to do about it? Onwards, ever onwards—damning the torpedoes and anything else that had the effrontery to get in her way. The horns of a dilemma had her impaled, no doubt about that.

    The long upcurving horns of the Minoan bull that the dancer in the fresco would grab onto for vaulting, raising her lithe body cleanly between them and without fear.

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